When your tooth suffers severe damage, decay, or an infection, root canal therapy in Orlando is often your best option. A root canal can also help when you’re experiencing a deep cavity or crack in your tooth. When this type of damage occurs, you leave yourself open to infection, which can harm the tooth pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. If you continue to leave the infection untreated by a root canal dentist, you could cause severe pain, swelling, and damage to the surrounding bones. To protect your mouth, head to your dentist if you believe you need a root canal.

All About Root Canal Therapy

young woman visiting her root canal dentist for root canal therapy in Orlando Root canal therapy opens the tooth to remove an infection to save the natural tooth. Your root canal dentist will open your tooth, clean and remove the infection, fill the tooth, and seal it. This process helps to strengthen your natural tooth and return it to normal function. Without root canal therapy for a damaged tooth, you hinder your ability to eat or drink properly due to the damage and pain.

Your dentist will use x rays to determine how to proceed. This will show where the infection is, if it’s affecting the bone, and how severe it is. Then, local anesthesia helps to numb the area around your tooth. This means you won’t feel the work of the root canal. Once the process is over, a temporary filling helps to protect the space from contamination as it heals.

Do I Need to See a Root Canal Dentist?

So how do you know if root canal therapy is necessary? Only your dentist can make that determination, but there are signs to look for at home. The most common and obvious sign that you need a root canal is tooth pain. While minor aches and pains are normal, a dull or sharp persistent pain could indicate a problem. New sensitivity to temperature can also indicate an issue. Other signs can include:

  • Changes to the soft tissue surrounding your tooth
  • Drainage from an infection
  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Darkening of the tooth

If you notice these changes, reach out to your dentist to make an appointment. The longer you wait, the more damage is done.

Root Canal Therapy in Orlando at Oasis Dental

If you need a root canal dentist, look no further than Oasis Dental. For over a decade, the team at Oasis Dental has cared for their patients and provided the best dental care possible. Along with root canal therapy, they also offer the following services:

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